Apple seeking plastics engineer to come aboard iPhone/iPad team


Just as we are expecting to see a new plastic iPhone, Apple has posted a job listing for a “Sr. Materials Engineer – Plastics.” Now, we are highly expecting that the iPhone 5C will be coming sometime next month with a plastic back, but that may not be the only device getting a plastic makeover. According to the job listing, the engineer will be joining the iPhone and iPad team. Plastic is used inside of devices already, but it seems that Apple may be looking to bring plastic use to a new level, maybe a cheaper iPad will be the next rumor? Doubt it, but you never know.

The iPhone 5C, Apple’s first plastic phone to come out since the iPhone 3GS, is expected to be released next month at an event on September 10th. This phone is expected to have a completely plastic back that will come in an assortment of colors, including white, yellow, green, blue, and red. Apple moved away from plastic backings with the iPhone 4, which introduced a completely glass and steel body. This continued into the iPhone 4S, until the iPhone 5 saw a redesign which included glass and anodized aluminum.

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Via: 9to5Mac, Apple


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  • Hans Koopman

    Kyle Frost
    Note to my friend who sent me info on this posting
    Yes indeed this is RIGHT up my alley. It’s just perfect!  My experience as sr. Design Consultant with E.I. DuPont’s Engineering Polymers, in Finite Element Analysis, polymeric materials, and coincidentally as a chartered Canadian industrial designer,, a Green Belt Six Sigma grad, also 15 yrs in New Product Devprimarily  with Alcan but also with Reynolds Aluminum companies!  WOW!    Thanks for this. I went to Los Altos High School and Santa Clara is within walking distance,.. if my Dawna was doing the walking. Ha! Ha!. I know the SF Bay area real well. . I am intrigued though. What a fantastic job.  HANS

  • nanian102