Apple proves popular to patent trolls with 171 lawsuits over 5 years

Screen Shot 2013-08-28 at 3.35.15 PMUsually when you think of Apple and patents, you think of Apple suing someone or some company for violating one of Cupertino’s prized intellectual property patents. Well, this just goes to show that it isn’t always Apple doing the suing, but actually a lot of the time it is the one being sued. That’s right, Apple gets sued, and it gets sued a lot. Over the past 5 years, Apple has been targeted by Non-Practicing Entities (the “proper” term for patent trolls) 171 times. This makes Apple the most targeted company when it comes to patent lawsuits, when second place going to HP over 30 lawsuits away.

According to the report, not only has Apple had the top spot “for some time, the distance between it and other companies “is widening. Alongside Apple is HP in 2nd, Samsung in 3rd, and AT&T and Dell rounding off the top 5. Google barely made the top 10, coming in at exactly that, 10th. An expert on intellectual property described patents as being “nothing more or less than a license to sue someone.” Of course the best known patent cases are those between Apple and Samsung which have been going on for what seems like forever. These numbers don’t really surprise me though.

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Via: iDB, PatentFreedom, TechHive

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