Apple Developer Center now allowing certain developers 200 registered devices

iOS Developer Device Limit

For anyone familiar with Apple’s Developer Center for iOS, it is known that the company allows developers to register up to 100 devices for the purpose of testing iOS apps on their developer account. However, it was reported today by 9to5Mac that certain accounts are now being given the ability to add up to 200 devices on their accounts for testing purposes.

How many iOS devices can I register for testing and Ad Hoc distribution?

You are allowed to register up to 100 iOS devices for testing and Ad Hoc distribution per membership year.Please Note: Although you may remove a device from your account, it will continue to count against your 100 device limit.

Above is Apple’s official response to how many devices can be registered, showing that the 200 device limit is not available for all developers, and 100 devices is still the standard for the Developer Center. It is also possible that this instance was in fact a mistake by Apple, and could soon be patched by the Cupertino company. However, developers have been hoping to increase the device limitation in recent years, and if the limit is actually being raised by Apple, this is sure to be welcomed news in the developer community.

Source: 9to5Mac

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