All 5 colors of iPhone 5C shown off in HD video, as insane bids for the rear shell reach $13k on eBay

Leaks are seemingly coming thick and fast these days. If it’s not the “champagne” iPhone 5S, it’s an iPhone 5C or 5th gen iPad, or even a 2nd generation iPad mini. And each year, the number of leaks increases exponentially. One of the most recent leaks (above) is one of the first to show all five colors of the iPhone 5C in clear detail side-by-side. Uploaded to YouTube channel ‘iCrackUriDevice’ a few days ago, it shows the blue, white, green, red and yellow shades of budget iPhone shell.

Meanwhile, if you want to get hold of one of these for yourself  it’ll cost you more than $13k on eBay. Oddly, this part had a ‘Buy it Now’ price of just $50. And here’s the stupidest part: It’s just a rear shell. It’s not even a working model.

iphone5Cebay-640x388Personally I’m excited about the iPhone launch event next month. I really am. But, I’m not so excited about the new devices that I’d fork out thousands in cash to get hold of a part that’s worth little more than a few bucks. Especially considering you can easily buy this same part from Chinese online stores. What’s our world coming to?

Via: CoM 

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