$99 Goophone i5C is a 4-inch Android running iPhone 5C clone


We’re used to seeing iPhone clones popping up in China, especially from one company in particular. Goophone has a history of releasing its own, cheap alternatives to the iPhone. Aesthetically, they look fairly similar to the iPhone, it’s when you boot them up that you notice the biggest difference: They’re running Android.

Goophone’s latest ‘i5C’ is a clone of a device yet to be released by Apple. The iPhone 5C’s Google-powered imitator will be available soon for $99 from AnyBuying.com and features the following:

Quick Overview:

– 4 inch screen, 960*540 pixel display
– 1.2GHz dual-core 28nm MTK MT6572 processor
– 8MP back camera + 2MP front camera
– Android 4.2 OS

Some of the other specs include a 2,000 mAh battery and a MicroSD card slot. Being only one hundred bucks, it’s hardly likely that the device bears any resemblance to a quality phone. But if – like me – you’re curious to see what it’s like, you should be able to get hold of one in September. Shortly before (or after) that iPhone 5C is (maybe) announced.

Goophone has a selection of other clones available should the i5C not be to your liking. There are Galaxy S4, Note 2 rip-offs as well as the S4 mini wannabe. The most expensive I’ve seen is $299, which isn’t bad at all for a SIM-free phone, and that was the iPhone 5S rip-off, unimaginatively named the Goophone I5S.

Via: CoM

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  • jabombardier


  • JoshuaTewell

    The problem is the fact that if a Chinese company can throw together a somewhat functional, somewhat attractive clone of a device before said device even ships, for a hundred bucks at that, there’s no reason manufacturers and carriers should be asking 600+ for the “real thing”.  But that’s what happens when you’re making things for consumer whores.  Present company included.

  • your_mexican_

    PhoneDog what phone should i get the htc one or samsung galaxy s3

  • MattLaney_

    Ordered mine today!!!

  • manishrana50

    @MattLaney_ Good for you.

  • manishrana50

    @JoshuaTewell Have you ever used these devices?

  • BillThomas

    @manishrana50  @JoshuaTewell who would want to try them? its a cheap copy with a cheap android OS u couldn’t give me the damn thing.

  • Jack H

    Don’t you mean it’s an iPhone 5C clone running Android? The other way makes no sense.

  • Jack H

    You mean an iPhone 5c clone running Android. The other way doesn’t make any sense.

  • davem

    Did you see the iPad mini android copy along with the I5C?

  • oluna72

    @Jack H No, he got it right the first time, you just have to read it right.

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  • jason556100

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