Yet another image of supposed green budget iPhone shell leaked, this time with button holes [photo]


I wonder if we can go a day without a budget iPhone leak being published. Oh, wait. In all due fairness, today’s may only show one color, but it’s one of the best quality images we’ve seen of what is allegedly the “iPhone lite”. Although the quality isn’t quite as amazing as the highly detailed photo gallery and video published a week or so ago, it’s the best look we’ve had at the green shell so far.

One thing became immediately apparent as I browsed the gallery of images was that – instead of the small pinholes where button cutouts should be – it feature actual button-sized cutouts and some buttons loosely attached in a Polythene bag. Now, there are a couple of reasons why the buttons weren’t attached. Firstly, there’s a chance they’re not genuine parts and don’t fit each other. The second (presuming they’re genuine) is that the buttons actually need to be attached to the internal chassis and circuitry. Both reasons are equally plausible.

But, as with all leaks so far, there’s no FCC stamping on the rear under the ‘iPhone’ brand name. Neither is there all the other information normally printed there, serial numbers etc are all AWOL. It’s one fact that could point to every leak so far being a fake. It needn’t be said again, but, anyone with the right skill-set and tools could easily mockup a rear shell with an Apple logo on it. Especially when it’s such a generic shape. Despite all the photographic ‘evidence’ I’m not entirely convinced this model will ever come in to existence. What do you think?

Source: Weibo
Via: SlashGear

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  • jamescharley22

    Unfortunately, I fear the “iPhone Lite” may come to fruition.  It seems like a waste, almost to me.  I assumed if you wanted an iPhone, and couldn’t afford even the baseline model of the latest iPhone, you got the second or third newest iPhone.  In this case, the iPhone 4S or iPhone 4.

  • LeeScott

    i like it, and i think it’s legit, waaaaay too many rumors to ignore.  as far as “lite” or “nano” or whatever, i’m ok with it, because it’s legit that many cannot afford the $200 subsidized price, therefore having a mid (last years) and an entry (lite/nano) model makes it so everyone is getting a high end model, no older than a year old, and it keeps ios from ever becoming fragmented or even diminished features on older models….it’s very cool that i should be able to buy an iphone at 650, 550, or 399? or 200, 100, 50?…………way to go apple!

  • LwiseOuahrani
  • LwiseOuahrani