Yellow Jacket case for iPhone packs 650,000 volt stun gun

The Indiegogo-funded Yellow Jacket case has today been released for iPhone 4 and 4S.

The Yellow Jacket is a fairly substantial 1-inch-thick case, available in white, black, pink and yellow (only in black on launch day). It’s not particularly nice to look at but provides a decent amount of protection.

The Yellow Jacket’s USP is the 650,000 vault stun gun mounted on the rear of the case. The stun gun is powered by a battery pack, which can also be used to charge your iPhone up to a full charge once you’ve incapacitated you’re assailant.

There’s a protective cover for the electrodes to stop you blowing your brains out whilst answering a call from your grandmother, and a safety switch to activate the charge, creating a vital window of thought that will ensure you only use the weapon when absolutely necessary.

The Yellow Jacket retails at $139.99, and the company is also taking pre-orders for the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3 version of its case.


Whilst a stun gun is a phenomenal method of protection, be very aware that possession and use of stun guns is illegal in several countries, 7 US states and specific counties and cities in the United States. It is you’re responsibility to ensure your ownership of such a device is legal.

That being said, Yellow Jacket is still a viable and deadly personal defence option for the safety concerned iPhone user. If you’d like to know more about Yellow Jacket, or indeed purchase the device, then be sure to check out their website here!


Via: Yellow Jacket


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  • Kourage2

    This is pretty cool to have. Might get one.

  • yellow_jacket

    Thank you for the article!

  • yellow_jacket

    We’re also available in red now!