Vine is falling thanks to Instagram video-sharing


When it was first launched, Vine was the new and cool way to share videos. It took the idea of image-sharing social media, like Instagram, and made it into videos. The looping video app owned by Twitter became an instant hit. Vine soared to the top of the charts for free iPhone apps and users were sharing Vine videos on Twitter left and right. Unfortunately, the success didn’t last long. Just a few weeks ago, Facebook owned Instagram announced its own video-sharing service to take on Vine. And unfortunately for Vine, Instagram already had a pretty large and loyal user base.

By the end of June, Vine shares on Twitter had dropped more than 65% and the app had gone from being the #1 app in America on June 13th to out of the top 15 as of yesterday. It has also seen dramatic drops in popularity in other countries. For example, in the United Kingdom, the app went from #7 to #21 in three weeks. And unfortunately, it doesn’t seem as if Vine can stop the bleeding anytime soon. As BGR points out, “the Instagram feature expansion was not a one-time hit on Vine.” Instagram’s introduction of video-sharing has not only taken away Vine users, but it will continue to do so. It is likely that Instagram is close to killing off the app that started the video-sharing craze.

What is your take on the Instagram vs Vine battle? Do you still prefer one over the other? Would you like to see Vine make a comeback? Leave a comment below and let us know.

Source: BGR

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