Trakdot, iOS-enabled luggage tracker, now available


Back at CES, one of the more useful accessories shown off was a device called the Trakdot. The small square is a device that you place in your suitcase when traveling, and it will send a location signal through a quad-band GSM chip located in the device, and users can then track their luggage from their mobile device through the Trakdot app, or even through SMS. While you may think, “why would I need to track my luggage if it will be at the airport when I land,” if you’ve ever had your luggage lost by an airline, you know that this device could save lots of time and money searching for (and possibly replacing) your luggage.

While the device seems handy, it will come at a cost. The Trakdot itself costs $50, which doesn’t sound too bad considering how much of a hassle it is if you happen to lose your luggage. However, in order to use the device, you also must pay an activation fee of $9, and an additional $13 yearly fee. While it may not sound too expensive, that cost could add up over time, and it isn’t very likely that an airline will lose your luggage. However, if you’re still concerned about a lost suitcase, you can learn more about Trakdot on its website, and you can order your very own device there as well. And be sure to check out the Trakdot application for iOS if you purchase the tracker!

Source: Engadget


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