Top 5 Stories This Week: Top iOS 7 features, dubious rumors and a fantastic case

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This week in the year is traditionally fairly quiet thanks to everyone in the States celebrating the country’s independence. Saying that, there were still a handful of particularly interesting articles which caught people’s attention, and this week, they’re about as varied in content as they’ve ever been. (Headlines are links to the original articles.)

1.Latest dubious rumor(s): “iPhone 6″ to launch “weeks” after iPhone 5S’ supposed September 20th release

Rumors come and go all the time. Some turn out to be true, others don’t. Most years we get so many flooding through that one of them is bound to be right, even if the reasoning behind it is complete hogwash. Earlier this week, a site claimed that the gap between iOS version announcement and release was exactly 100 days. A little math on my part quickly debunked the rumor as nothing but guesswork.

2.Samsung’s latest jab at Apple’s iPhone is just plain… weird

Undoubtedly the strangest advert ever made by Samsung. Unlike the usual digs at iPhone users, this ad used actual Apples as physical metaphors of iPhones that couldn’t understand the Icelandic language. Obviously, the real Galaxy S4 in the ad was much better than a piece of fruit.

3.Kyle’s Top 5: Features in iOS 7 so far

Having written up my own list of favorite iOS 7 features, I tasked Kyle with coming up with his own. Our two lists were quite different.

4.Apple Stores to sell new Square Stand for iPad

Having only announced the new Square Stand payment system for iPad recently, it didn’t take long for Square (the mobile payment company) to announce it would be available to buy in U.S. Apple Stores.

5.Perfect Fit Hard Shell for iPhone 5 – Finally someone got the snap-on shell exactly right [Review]

Accessory reviews rarely make it in to a week’s top 5 articles, but if any do, it’s normally because they’re fantastic. That was certainly true. Head on over to the original article to find out why I love Perfect Fit’s case so much.

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