Top 5 Stories This Week: Budget iPhone leaks, iPhone 6 concept and an awesome screen protector

top 5 stories

This week’s news has been full of rumors and leaks, and so I did a little bit of cherry-picking to make sure there was at least some variety in the news roundup for you. We know you have busy weeks and can’t expect that you’re tuned in to TiP every day of the week, especially if the summer weather’s being kind where you are. So, here’s 5 of our most popular stories of the week, we have topics ranging from budget iPhone leaks, to new Apple Store apps and concepts through accessories. Enjoy responsibly. (Headlines are the links to original articles.)

1.“Budget iPhone” shown fully assembled, compared with iPhone 3GS and iPhone 5 in high res images and video

Apple’s long rumored low cost iPhone is getting closer each week to being an actual, released product. Its plastic shell has been seen so many times, it’s hard to count. This week, however, saw it fully assembled, display and all, compared with the last plastic iPhone and the current flagship.

2.iPhone 6 concept shows flexible, folding display with Graphene shell

Concepts are awesome, particularly when they’re so out-there, they get your nerdy juices flowing with imagining the future of technology. This concept imagines a Graphene device that folds out to the size of an iPad.

3.Apple Store app update to offer free iTunes downloads

A rumor – confirmed a couple of days later – speculated that Apple would be releasing a new Apple Store app with links to iTunes downloads. The app is here, and it’s a refreshing update without any major UI changes.

4.Apple’s Peter Oppenheimer hints at new product releases, expects “very busy fall”

Apple has a lot planned for the latter half of this year of Oppenheimer’s comments are anything to go by. We’re expecting new iPhones and iPads as well as a refreshed lineup of Macs.

5.Tech21 Impact Shield for iPhone 5: The ultimate screen protector? [Unboxing and Application]

Last, but not least, I’m glad the Impact Shield review was popular. It’s a fantastic screen protector that uses some groundbreaking technology to ensure your iPhone’s display isn’t scratched or cracked even under heavy contact. Thanks to its three layer system, it deflects and spreads impact out so that by the time the vibrations reach your display, they’ve eventually faded to nothing.


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