Time Warner seeks deal with Apple TV as Apple switches Cable approach

Time Warner is working on an application for Apple TV which will allow cable subscribers to stream live and on-demand shows without a dedicated cable box.

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The software would “effectively add an Apple layer on top of the TV screen”, the functionality of which is said to be “far superior” to anything Time Warner can offer. Essentially, the deal would bring Cable television to the Apple TV, with Time Warner sacrificing control of the interface in exchange for a wider customer base.

The news, featured in a reported from the New York Times, comes alongside reports that Apple is looking to change its approach to cable TV by signing deals with providers, rather than exclusive deals with channels. Apple would collect a fee from Time Warner in exchange for enhancing their television service.


The deal, should it come to fruition, would be huge for the television industry, and could mark the beginnings of an Apple monopoly over television, which may become similar to Apple’s hold over the music industry through iTunes. Of course, I’m getting ahead of myself, but the implications of cable TV being distributed through Apple TV, without the need for a cable box is absolutely huge. Yesterday it emerged that Apple TV already accounts for 56% of streaming devices in the US.

Would you prefer cable TV piped to you through the interface of Apple? Or do you not think this is a good thing? Leave your thoughts and comments below. As always, be sure to follow me on Twitter @TiP_Stephen

Via: Apple Insider, NY Times

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  • pseagraves

    I just hope it would be better than the Time Warner app for iOS.  I wonder how things would work out with the ESPN App if Apple is no longer going after channel providers though.