Tim Cook not happy with Apple Store iPhone sales, looks to add incentives for consumers


According to sources close to Apple’s retail scene, Tim Cook and other executives at the Cupertino tech giant are not happy about the sales of iPhones in the company’s massive chain of retail stores. It is reported that one out of four Macs are sold at an Apple retail store, but an astonishing 80% of iPhones are sold by retailers other than Apple itself.

Cook describes the iPhone as a “gateway product” because it is often the first device purchased by users. Consumers often follow their iPhone purchase with a purchase of an iPad or Mac. Because of this, the iPhone is likely Apple’s most important product, and Cook is not happy that 80% are not sold at an Apple Store. However, Cook doesn’t want to sit back and watch carrier stores, and other retailers such as RadioShack and Best Buy take all of the iPhone credit. Instead, he plans to push iPhones in stores by creating incentives for buyers.

For example, Apple’s latest “Back to School” campaign finally includes iPhones, and is likely a hope to sell more of the popular smartphones in stores. Another rumored incentive is the creation of an iPhone trade-in program, that may be coming to stores within the next few months. This, along with a new price-matching system, would allow Apple to compete with other retail stores and retain users and consumers in the Apple Store. Cook describes the Apple store as “the face of Apple,” and since retail is so important to the company it should be no surprise that the company is hoping to boost in-store sales.

If you own an iPhone, did you purchase your smartphone in an Apple Store? If not, did you order it online from Apple, or did you get it from a third-party retailer? Why did you choose that method? Let us know by dropping a comment below!

Source: 9to5Mac

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  • DarrenButz

    I bought my 4S on Virgin Mobile on sale on Black Friday last year at Target. It was $200 off, with a $100 Target gift card. Plus I don’t think you can even buy the Virgin Mobile versions at Apple Stores anyways.

  • masteroftheology

    I ordered my iPhone from Apple.com because I didn’t want to drive to the closest Apple retail store. It’s about 30 minutes out from where I live.

  • firewallspyder

    Bought mine from Sprint just a better deal price wise. iPhones are an expense and if my carrier will drop the price the ill buy from them. Nothing against Apple I’ve been with them since 1984.

  • neves

    @DarrenButz Yes, Apple stores do activations for all the major carriers including Virgin.

  • Might have considered it if my nearest apple store wasn’t an hour drive

  • section8

    I use to stand in line the day of release at my local Apple Store for my phone, but now that I live well over an hour for the closest store I went to Best buy to get my iPhone 5

  • jabombardier

    I bought mine on apple.com and had it ready for me at the store. I then went with it to T-Mobile to get a nano sim. I almost feel like going to get the newer iPhone 5 to have all 4g bands but I am now content since LTE is coming in.

  • AppleFTW

    iOS 6.1.3 Untethered Jailbreak