The Woz meets “Next Steve Jobs” Kanye West

Steve Wozniak has recounted his meeting with Kanye West, in a visit arranged as a father’s day by Kim Kardashian.

Following the birth of Kim and Kanye’s child, the Woz had originally been planned as a birthday surprise for Kanye, however timing meant that the event soon became a father’s day surprise instead.

Whilst together, Steve Wozniak signed an Apple Pro Computer mouse belonging to West. West has two such mice, with the other already carrying the signature of the late Steve Jobs, making the two mice a phenomenal piece of memorabilia.

Wozniak Jobs

Recently, Kanye West described himself he was the next Steve Jobs, in an interview with the New York Times, West claimed:

“I will be the leader of a company that ends up being worth billions of dollars, because I got the answers”…

Whilst Steve Wozniak make no direct reference to Kanye’s claims, he did say that West was driven, and that visualizing oneself in a certain way can make anything possible. In passing, Woz was also very outspoken out Kim and Kanye’s relationship,:

“She wanted to do something nice, outstanding and unusual for her man. In this day and age you really have to put a thinking cap on…I believe in signs of true love. I wanted to be a part of this.”

If Kanye’s business plans don’t go to… erm… plan, he can always retire on the money he makes selling his autographed mice.


Via: ABC News


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  • Holybushoffire

    AppleOnly I hope Kanye never refers to himself in such a way again. What a disgrace.

  • jin140

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  • Why did you give this article that title? You do realise you are making it worse, right? Have some journalistic integrity about yourself and stop feeding in to shit like this.

  • jin140

    AppleOnly 마소처럼플테스트는어떨까자격증제도인데수익낼수있음꾸준히고급인력을양성할수있음기술나누면더커짐표준될수있음 제작자고객두마리토끼잡는것임 모든생각이앱이된다지만생각이무궁하니더캐낼수있음마소는축소했지만플은가능하리라고봄 시급함중요1조에러닝게런티도요구함~

  • jin140

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