Samsung and Apple again meeting to negotiate settlement

apple-vs-samsung (1)Apple and Samsung have had a very interesting relationship over the past few years. One has sued another, and the other has sued the other back, over and over again, lawsuit after lawsuit. Well, according to the Wall Street Journal, the two companies got very close to a settlement in February, but nothing ever came of it. However, it seems that they are back at it again, trying to come to some sort of agreement that could, hopefully, end these seemingly never-ending law suits that are all over the place. Apparently what Samsung wants is a cross-licensing deal:

In the negotiations, described sparingly in heavily redacted documents from the U.S. International Trade Commission made public earlier this month and by people familiar with them, Samsung has pushed for a broad patent cross-licensing deal that could settle all outstanding litigation between the companies. It is unclear whether Apple was interested in such a deal.

There was talks of Apple offering this long ago, but Samsung thinking that the price was too high. However, it sounds like that might be the same thing happening here but the other way around. Hopefully these companies can figure something out, because the lawsuits are beginning to grow old (well, actually they have been for a while now). Keep an eye out for anything that could possible spawn from this.

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Via: 9to5Mac, WSJ


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  • SNN321

    Hopefully this nonsense can be sorted out. OK Apple have taken out a lot of patents that have come to fruition but without a lot of the existing tech they’d have floundered a long time ago.
    They seem to come up with a lot of ideas and when other companies sort out the tech side of things they pounce and look for litigation. They’ve fallen behind a lot in the last few years and if they want to at least become par with everyone else they’d want to start playing ball with the companies that paved the way for the technology rather than sue the crap out of them…..
    They’ve made out like bandits milking the FRAND story but there has to be a bit of give and take too.