Rumor: Pebble watch coming to select Best Buy stores this weekend

Pebble Watch

For tech geeks like myself, wearable technology seems like it is the way of the future. Whether it’s the rumors of a new Apple iWatch, or new information about Google Glass, technology that we wear seems to be all around us these days. Heck, even Apple’s own manufacturer Foxconn is making its own watch. One of the most talked about watch accessories that actually exists right now, however, is Pebble’s smart watch. The device, which began as a Kickstarter project, has taken off recently, and according to a recent rumor, the accessory will be easier than ever to get a hold of this weekend.

Two Best Buy employees claim that the picture above is of Best Buy’s internal inventory system, and it appears to show that the Pebble smart watch will be making its way into select stores this coming Sunday, July 7th. The item will not be available for home delivery, meaning that the sale of the so-called “appcessory” will only be available in stores.

I am really happy about this news. While I don’t think the Pebble smart watch is for me, I do love wearable technology and the idea of integrating technology into our daily lives more and making it more convenient for us to access our notifications and information without having to pull our phones out of our pockets. Being able to just glance down at my wrist without having to take out my iPhone to see if I have a new text seems like a no brainer to me. Some people may think that technology is beginning to interfere too much in our lives, but I think that wearable technology actually gets rid of some interference. Rather than having to stop what you’re doing just to see if you have a text, you can now just look at your watch, or look through Google Glass.  I can’t wait until more wearable technology is readily available, and Best Buy’s move to pick up Pebble watches seems genius.

What do you think about the future of wearable technology? Is it a gimmick, or is it the technology of the future?

Source: 9to5Mac

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