Rumor: iOS 7 beta 4 likely to come July 22nd

ios-7-logoFor those of you developers (and, non-developers that shouldn’t be) on iOS 7, it looks like the next beta is set to be released come this Monday, July 22nd. This would follow the pattern of the previous 2 betas that were released in 2 week increments following the other. It’s likely that this update will again address some bugs that people have been experiencing, and possibly add some new UI tweaks just as the previous ones have done. Battery life, at least for myself, has been getting better with each release, so hopefully that will stand true for this as well.

So far, iOS 7 has been a very stable overall operating system. On iPad, however, I actually ended up going back to iOS 6 as it was just too much to deal with. Everyone is having their own successes and failures, however, with some being the opposite of me and having iPhone issues while the iPad is fine. It seems to be a device-by-device basis. What would be nice to see is if Apple would start releasing beta version of applications such as Find My iPhone, Find My Friends, iBooks, and other still skeumorphic application such as the iWork and iLife suite of apps. These are still living in that past, and it can only be a matter of time until we see them shift to the new UI language introduced in iOS 7.

What do you think? Looking forward to iOS 7’s public release? Wonder what will come in beta 4? Let us know in the comments, or tweet me @TiP_Kyle.


Via: AppAdvice


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  • jabombardier

    I am just waiting patiently to get the official iOS 7. I have had the iPhone for only 5 months and I am just enjoying it before the update.

  • Mr should

    “Or shouldn’t be”. Became you don’t fall off your high horse from lack of oxygen. Non devs install betas, always have, always will. Build a bridge and get over it.

  • ColinGolding

    I am not on the Dev program but i have installed the beta of IOS 7 on my iphone 5 and i think it is great.
    The only problem i seem to be experiencing is that Siri cant use voice dialling other than that its been plain sailing.
    A big thumbs up from me

  • Kourage2

    I have had issues ios 7 beta 2 on the iPad. It’s great on the iPhone and I have issues with the apps because it was not updated to work on ios 7.

  • MichaelJohnson3

    My iPhone 5 on beta 3 restarts randomly all the time.  Hopefully it is fixed with this update.  Also my find my iphone app forcecloses everytime I open it, making it impossible to find any of my devices using the app.

  • Kourage2

    Netflix doesn’t won’t good and Instagram has issues with video. But other than that it works good. Glad I didn’t have to wait until the fall. I’m ready for ios 8!

  • SimonThow

    iOS7 for iPod touch 5 has been great no problems with any of the betas

  • ShahidSabir
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