Report: Apple buys into company to start producing in-house chips

A6 ChipThere have been rumors for quite a while that Apple will begin manufacturing its processors for different devices, such as the iOS device lineup, all in-house. These rumors are here again, as SemiAccurate (a site for which the name well represents its track record) is reporting that Apple has just bought in to a chip fabrication company so that it may be able to do exactly what the rumors suggest: build its own chips. Unfortunately the full report is stuck behind a $1,000/year paywall so the company that Apple has bought into isn’t specified. However, as AppleInsider points out, tags to the article indicate that a possibility is United Microelectronics Corporation. This Taiwanese based company has seen a few Apple rumors in years back, however nothing much more became of those.

This rumor definitely needs to be taken with a handful of salt, as this site has been way off sometimes in terms of rumors. In 2011, SemiAccurate said that Apple would begin shifting its MacBoo lineup from Intel processors to ARM processors. Obviously, nothing ever became of that. However, it did accurately predict the shift back to Nvidia graphics chips from AMD chips. Apple has been in reportedly been in talks with other companies, such as TMSC, in order to manufacture its chips for future devices. This looks like Apple is getting pretty serious about the idea of dropping Samsung, which it has been trying to do for a while if rumors are to be believed.

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Via: AppleInsider, SemiAccurate


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