Reeder for iPhone now supports Feedly and Feed Wrangler

Reeder for iPhone has been updated with support for Feedly and Feed Wrangler.

Yesterday marked the dying breath of Google Reader. Now, popular Google Reader Client Reeder has been updated to include support for Feed Wrangler, and also my own personal favourite client, Feedly. The initial update only affects the iPhone app, however the changes are coming to the iPad and Mac versions in the coming weeks!

iPhone Screenshot 1iPhone Screenshot 2

We had already been assured that Reeder for iPhone would receive support after the death of Google Reader, so now, Reeder supports two very popular and functional alternative services.

Over on the Reeder Blog, Silvio Rizzi, Reeder’s creator stated:

“it’s not that easy to add other services to the current versions of these apps… It’s probably best to use my time to work on the new versions, to get these out as soon as possible”

Reeder is available on the iPhone with two brand new services included now! App Store (Update also includes improved Feedbin syncing).


Via: Cult of Mac

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