‘Pinch To Zoom’ patent rejected by USPTO

In a pivotal development in the Apple-Samsung lawsuit, Apple’s ‘Pinch To Zoom’ patent has been rejected by the U.S Patent and Trademark Office. In fact, all 21 claims on the patent have been rejected, in what USPTO has labelled “final office action”.

Of course, you’ll be familiar with ‘Pinch To Zoom’, it was one of the most simple yet most effective features of the original iPhone, and has remained a cornerstone of iOS on all devices ever since.


Apple has 2 months to respond to the decision, and its next move could prove a huge development in Apple’s ongoing legal battle with Samsung.  The USPTO claimed that of the 21 claims made, all were either ineligible, or covered by a previously filed patent. Do you think that Apple should be able to claim patent rights to Pinch to Zoom’ technology? Leave your comments below!

Via: Cult of Android


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  • G44ca

    I’m a huge fan of Apple but I know the company did not invent “pinch-to-zoom” technology. I saw it demoed more than a year befor the iPhone