Pebble reaches 275,000 device preorders and 1 million app downloads

Pebble WatchPebble, the smartwatch that has been sweeping the tech world over the past year, has announced that over 275,000 devices have been preordered, and application downloads for the device have reached over 1 million. 85,000 of those 275k were backers on the Kickstarter project, which raised a record breaking $10 million on the crowd funding site. Over the next 6-12 months, Pebble has said that its priorities involve shipping to the rest of the 190,000 preorders, and working on bettering its SDK so that developers may build even better applications for the devices.

CEO Eric Migicovsky told The Verge that its software development team is hard at work and is “focused on crafting a developer experience that allows 3rd party developers to access deeper down into pebble and to basically write watch apps that communicate from the watch to the Web and the phone.” Recently the company partnered with Best Buy in order to sell the device in store. I am quite interested in the idea of wearable technology, but think we can do much better than Pebble (not to say it isn’t a fantastic start). Google Glass is what I have my eyes, and interest, on.

What do you think? Do you own a Pebble or are you a preorder? What is your opinion on wearable technology? Let us know in the comments, or tweet me @TiP_Kyle.


Via: TNW


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