p0sixninja alludes to project “openjailbreak”

iOS hacker p0sixninja has tweeted about launching project “openjailbreak”, sparking a whole host of hypotheses about the future of jailbreaking.

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In his tweet, Joshua hill claims “I hate redsnow, I hate snowbreeze, and I hate 6.1.3, I’m ready to get this #openjailbreak off the ground”.

iFan’s Joe Rossignol claims to have spoken with p0sixninja about this project. According to him, “openjailbreak” is an open source jailbreak repository, run by a team and overseen by Hill.

Quoting Hill, Rossignol states that “openjailbreak” would be a “repository of open source jailbreak components Hill has created”. He wants to use the repository to maintain the code, and allow developers to submit patches and “roadmap new features and abilities”.

“openjailbreak” is apparently a small part of an ultimate plan, with speculators suggesting a “low-level system exploit” which could totally rearrange the face of jailbreaking.

There’s a lot of excitement over Hill’s plans, but it will be very interesting to see what he has to offer. It will also be interesting to see how the release of iOS 7 will change the jailbreaking game, with so many new features, could jailbreaking see a dip in popularity as more users become satisfied with Apple’s stock iOS?


Via: iDownloadBlog

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