Mailbox app finally updated to include Dropbox attachments

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Back when Dropbox announced it was buying out Mailbox, I began dreaming of the day the two apps would co-operated. And yet, it’s taken what seems like an age, for the two to show an resemblance of being the same company. 4 months later,  Mailbox for iOS has just been updated to include Dropbox attachment compatibility.

The full release notes from the latest version of Mailbox:

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That’s all folks. No bug fixes, still only Gmail supported.

What’s particularly great about the way Dropbox is integrated is that it doesn’t hog tons of bandwidth by sending over huge files as attachments. Instead, it simply sends the link to your contact, despite looking to you as if an attachment file is included. It gives the satisfaction of appearing like the traditional attachment feature to the sender, and the satisfaction to the receiver of not taking up tons of space.

Sadly, there’s no support for multiple file selection. If you want to attach more than one file, you need to keep going through the process of adding each attachment individually. Quite frustrating if you need to send 3-4 images.

You can update Mailbox right now for free, or download it for free from the App Store.


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