Kindle for iOS updated, now includes customized dictionaries, sample downloads


For readers, Kindle for iOS is one of the best e-reader apps available for the iPad. The app syncs with the popular Amazon Kindle ecosystem, and allows users to download boosk directly to their iOS device and also syncs bookmarks with Amazon Kindles and other Kindle apps. Today, Amazon has updated the app and included some pretty cool new features.

The first major feature is the ability to download sample books directly from the app. For a while, the Kindle app allowed direct downloads from the Amazon Kindle store, but because of Apple’s fee for in-app downloads, users have since had to go online, and have the download sent to their devices. This made it difficult to find new books and read them on iOS devices. With the new update, users can now search the Kindle catalogue, and download sample books. While users cannot download the entire book (because that would require a purchase), it is now much easier to discover new books, and not have to go into Safari to find a new download.

In addition, the app now allows the uploading of custom dictionaries. While this isn’t a big deal for most, it will allow users to upload legal and medical dictionaries to the app for easy access to customized definitions. If you’re interested in the update, be sure to head on over to the iOS App Store and check out the new Kindle app.

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