Japan’s largest carrier continues to refuse iPhone deal

Japan’s largest carrier, NTT DoCoMo Inc (NTT), continues to refuse a deal with Apple to carry the iPhone, despite having lost 3.2 million users over the last 4 and a half years.

Such a deal, which would bring the iPhone to a potential 60 million subscribers, hasn’t yet materialised for a number of reasons. For one, NTT is avid on developing something called a “lifestyle system”, which entails preinstalled software.  Preinstalled software is a big no-no when it comes to Apple, which refuses carriers the scope to preinstall apps on the iPhone. Furthermore, Apple does not allow carrier logos on its devices, something else that NTT has taken issue with.

iPhone 5S

A potential deal has reached total stalemate. With the prospect of NTT losing out on its lifestyle system, and Apple unrelenting in its carrier policies, which it operates globally, it’s very possible that such a deal may never come to fruition at all. As mentioned, with a potential market of only 60 million users, this isn’t the most lucrative carrier deal Apple could be chasing right now.

Despite the lack of iPhone on NTT, Apple’s flagship smartphone remains the most popular device in the country. Accounting for a massive 42% of all holiday shopping in 2012. With only 1/5th of those sales, Samsung can’t get a look in.

It seems a little sad that neither of these companies might not relent to their own principles in order to bring the iPhone to 60 million Japanese users. However, Apple has proven to be one of the most stubborn companies out there. Make no mistake, a deal between these two companies would be a huge breakthrough.


Via: Apple Insider

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