Jailbreak developer says there isn’t an A5+ bootrom exploit, but jailbreaking is “not even close” to being defeated

Apple-A51According to well known jailbreak developer, MuscleNerd, has said that there is no A5+ bootrom exploit, contrary to what some were hoping for considering the secrecy surrounding Joshua Hill’s newest “openjailbreak” development. A lot of rumors ended up coming from this, and one was the possibility of an A5+ bootrom exploit, which is a low-level exploit that Apple wouldn’t be able to patch without a hardware refresh. Here’s his tweet:

Someone then tweeted him asking if this meant the end of jailbreaking, or if jailbreakers had been defeated, to which he simply replied “Not even close :)”:

This is good news, because I’m sure everyone is interested in what developers could do if given an iOS 7 jailbreak. The changes in iOS 7 are huge, and it leaves plenty to be played with by jailbreakers. Imagine the customizations that could come from something like Control Center? It would be awesome to see what jailbreak developers would do if that was opened up. I’m definitely excited for whenever an iOS 7 jailbreak gets out, but I know it won’t be until the public release.

What do you think? Disappointed the rumors of a bootrom exploit aren’t true? Let us know in the comments, or tweet me @TiP_Kyle.


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