‘iWatch’ trademark registered in Mexico, Turkey and Taiwan


Over the past month revelations of iWatch trademark registrations have flown in, and this morning three more reports have been published indicating that Apple is busy filing ‘iWatch’ trademarks across the globe. Mexico, Turkey and Taiwan’s registrations add to the pre-existing filings in Japan and Russia.

One filing registered at Mexico’s Institute of Industrial Property revealed the graphic below:

13.07.01-iWatchAs reported by 9to5Mac, the ‘IWATCH’ trademark registration in Mexico is linked with Apple Inc. directly and even includes the Infinite Loop address, as it had done in the Japanese filing. It was filed by one Maria Teresa Eljure Tellez of Arochi, Marroquín, & Linder, S.C a Mexican law firm which Apple had used previously to register the iPad trademark in the same country.

It’s believed by many with inside information that Apple is working on a piece of wearable technology. Tim Cook himself – in an interview – confirmed that the company has intense interest in the wearable market, with wrist-worn gadgets being preferred to a Glass-style face-worn device. With that comment added to the 5 revealed trademark registrations, it looks all the more likely that Cupertino’s chiefs are well on the way to releasing an iWatch. Whether it comes this year or next is yet to be seen.

Via: 9to5Mac, MacRumors


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