iTunes Radio released to devs in latest iTunes 11.1 beta 1 software

iTunes Radio

It seemed like we were waiting for years for Apple to finally launch what we’d previously dubbed ‘iRadio’. When the company’s execs announced it on stage at WWDC last month, I think we all collectively and simultaneously applauded and sighed with relief, especially when we discovered that the company had opted for the less cringe-inducing moniker ‘iTunes Radio’.

Apple’s Spotify challenger has – thus far – been hidden away with no one able to gain access to it. However, from today, developers in the States can use it. If you have a developer account, head on over to the dev center and download the latest iTunes beta. Version 11.1 beta 1 features iTunes Radio and will allow any American users to stream music for free. It’s ad-supported unless you have an iTunes Match account active, then there are no ads at all.

Sadly, for anyone outside the States, it’s not available. And, if you don’t have a dev account, you can’t get it either. But if you can, you should check it out and let us know what you think. Will it make Spotify redundant?

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  • jamescharley22

    I’d like to point out that the beta is available within the iOS Developer Portal.  It took me awhile to find it because I was looking in the Mac Dev Portal.  Just so developers know.