iTunes activation servers down?

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Apple’s servers are not having a good time of late. Last week the Developer Center was pulled down as Apple discovered some dodgy activity going on. It claimed it had been hacked by an intruder, a claim quickly rebuffed by the man who claims responsibility. His statement was that he was a security researched merely doing his job.

Today, another of Apple’s servers has crashed, this time it’s the activation server. Anyone trying to activate a new iPhone, iPad or iPod touch today will more than likely fail. MacRumors points towards an outburst on social networking sites like Twitter of angry customers unable to get their phones working. According to the aforementioned Apple blog the outage is almost certainly a server crashing:

According to one tipster who called Apple about the problem, the company’s activation servers are currently down. Another AT&T employee has told MacRumors that AT&T has also confirmed the outage, and posts in Apple’s discussion forum offer similar information.

Do let us know if you’ve been experiencing issues yourselves, we’d love to hear from you.

In the mean time, Apple’s deployed its team of engineers to get it working again but there’s no knowing when it will be back online.

Via: MacRumors

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