iPhone isn’t the only Apple device South Korea likes, as the iPad takes top tablet ranking

apple-ipad-family-oct2012Yesterday I told you that the iPhone had taken the top spot in South Korea for customer satisfaction, and now I’m here to tell you that, yet again, another Apple device is taking that title; however, this time it is in the tablet, not smartphone category. That’s right, for the 3rd year in a row Cupertino’s popular tablet computing device has taken home the top spot for customer satisfaction in the country that Samsung calls home. According to a report from BetaNews, the iPad beat out competitors from Samsung and LG, which both call South Korea home.

This takes me back to what I said yesterday. A lot of people are surprised that Apple is able to pull in these sort of rankings from a country where not one, but two competitors are located – one of them being Samsung, what many would call the biggest rival of Apple. It’s quite simple, really, at least to me. Samsung is all about numbers, how many devices can it sell, how much marketshare can it acquire, and how much money can it make. Now, I’m not saying Apple doesn’t look at this, nor am I saying that it isn’t in this for the money. If it wasn’t, all its products would be free, but it too has a business to run. But Apple takes that one step further, and cares more about making the best possible product that it can, to where its users feel that it has significantly impacted their lives.

Before you start saying that I am just some Apple fanboy about this, keep in mind that I have owned two very popular Android phones before I switched when the iPhone 5 was released, and am still the proud owner of a Nexus 7. Nonetheless, I feel more disconnected without my iPhone or iPad than I did when I had an Android device. I didn’t browse the web near as much on those devices as on my iPhone. It just wasn’t as much an enjoyable experience. What Apple has been able to do is make devices that enrich the lives of those it touches. That’s why Apple has been getting top spot in these customer satisfaction surveys.

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Via: AppleInsider, BetaNews


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