iPad reaches all time high web usage share

Figures from Chitika are showing that Apple’s iPad is currently responsible for a record percentage of tablet web usage, whilst Samsung has reached an all time low.

The iPad’s share was up 2%, making it responsible for 84.3%, the highest it has been since the start of the year. Interestingly, the Kindle Fire, not a tablet from Apple’s nemesis Samsung, was the second placed tablet, grabbing a measly 5.7% of the market. Close behind was Samsung’s entire range of Galaxy tablets, and then the Nook.


The figures shows that Apple’s iPad is the clearly the dominant force in tablet web usage. But it does beg the question, why don’t tablet web usage figures  correlate with the overall market share of these devices? Why are iPad users so much more active in their internet usage? If you have any thoughts, be sure to leave a comment below!


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  • JoeBelkin

    Since no other company other than apple has EVER announced any sales … Only “shipped” numbers by research companies selling reports, thisis a true snapshot of the market of actual purchases.