iOS 7 jailbroken already?

Nothing official has been announced yet, but it looks like iOS 7 has already been jailbroken. Developer, Ryan Petrich (@rpetrich on Twitter) has uploaded a picture of his iPod touch running iOS 7 and with his own tweak, Activator running on it. Looking at the icons on the dock and the design of the popup warning, it looks authentic:

iOS 7 JAILBREAKAs soon as any version of iOS is announced, one of the most popular questions is whether or not it can be jailbroken. The evidence above virtually proves that iOS 7 can be. However, with the public release not due until a little later this year, you can understand if Ryan didn’t want to make it official yet. Once any exploits are announced publicly Apple works on closing the holes. So, although the jailbreak may work, we won’t likely get our hands on it until it’s available officially.

Will you be jailbreaking iOS 7, or does it feature all the new features you could possibly need?

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  • Susie Tracey

    I’m actually going to give up my jailbreak and install iOS 7 on my iP5 today… I have it on both my 4S and iPad Mini and love it that much. Plus my iP5 battery drain has been a nightmare… getting rid of some of those tweaks has got to help. But yes I’ll be jailbreaking again when it’s available. Still lots of tweaks I don’t want to lose permanently.

  • WayneGFX

    @Susie Tracey Susie, I have heard all kinds of horror stories about installing the beta of iOS 7.  Is it ok to install the beta 2 on the iphone 5?  I read where you can brick your phone if you don’t update the beta to the next version, is that true?

  • ObeyTreDay

    @WayneGFX @Susie Tracey iOS 7 beta 2 works just fine on my iPhone 5. There a a few bugs but its nothing that gets in the way of using the phone. Everything still works as should. & Susie to decrease better drain go to privacy, location service, all the way at the bottom is system service and turn off the unneeded services. My battery life is awesome on my 5.

  • AriaGolestanara

    @WayneGFX  @Susie Tracey yes is can, but if you prchase a udid, from either a website, or get a developer plan for 99 bucks per months from apple, youll be able to get the new update OTA!!   warning  DO NOT, DO NOT get iOS 7 on the iPhone 4S  Its absolutely trash, the camera dosnt work, its buggy, and the whole os sucks, i dont know how well ii does on the iphone 5

  • Susie Tracey

    @AriaGolestanara  @WayneGFX   Actually my post said I had it on my 4S and it worked so well I was going to put it on my 5… which I did. I don’t know why it ran so bad on your 4S but as I said earlier… the only problem I had with crashing is the camera. But that’s to be expected in any beta. And it was only when the camera started in HDR mode.

  • Susie Tracey

    @ObeyTreDay  Thanks I did do that and installed it on my 5 and everything is working great.  I’m not even having the camera problems I have with the 4S.  :)

  • Susie Tracey

    @WayneGFX   It’s almost impossible to brick an iPhone installing software…. regardless of what these so called experts tell you.  DFU mode is a beautiful thing.  lol   I can’t say yes or no for sure but I highly doubt it.