iFixit video creates retro gaming from iPad mini and Nexus 7 components

iFixit is one of the most useful sites for people that like to do “do it yourself” style projects on their electronic devices. The website shows users how to do different repairs for many problems on many different devices, and will even rate the repairability of a device on a scale from one to ten. However, today the iFixit blog decided to showcase a video that doesn’t feature the typical teardown of a device. Instead, the video, embedded below, shows off some retro gaming produced with the components of an iPad mini and Nexus 7. The stop-motion video, created by LAB BINÆR, shows off games such as Super Mario Bros. and Tetris, all by using the components of the two tablets.

The video really impresses me because of how it’s created. Creating such a long stop-motion video with such small and intricate pieces would be incredibly difficult, and I am fascinated by what companies can do with just small electronic components. What do you think of this clever video? Do you like the unique twist on retro gaming shown off? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think!

Source: iDownload Blog

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