iFitness Challenge, Day 10: Wahoo Blue HR, 7-Minute Workout and MyFitnessPal

I started this challenge with the aim of testing some of the best fitness apps and accessories on the market. I wanted to see if they could actually help. Before my work and kids took over the majority of my time, I could go to the gym in the mornings, play squash, go biking. Now time is limited, and being able to monitor my diet and exercise routine is something that’s become increasingly important. Especially since I spend most of my time behind a desk.

On day 1 of the challenge I weighed 105.9 kilograms (233.4 pounds approx). Nine days later, I’m down to 104.7 kg (230.8 pounds). In the video I talk about all the apps and accessories I used in week one. It was a combination of the Wahoo Blue HR and the Runtastic Pro app for tracking my heart rate while I was running. What’s particularly great about the Runtastic app is that it syncs with the digital hub of my fitness regime: MyFitnessPal’s calorie counting app.

Setting up an account with MyFitnessPal is free, and the app connects with a huge range of other apps and accessories. Any exercise I monitor on Runtastic automatically syncs with the Calorie Counter app and updates my daily diary. Runtastic can also make use of a variety of Bluetooth accessories, including Wahoo’s Blue HR.

The Blue HR is small device which attaches to an elasticated strap that you wear around your chest. It has two contact points on the band and uses Bluetooth 4.0. That in itself was awesome, since I didn’t have to go in to Settings first to pair the device with my iPhone. I simply open the app, make sure Bluetooth is switched on and go in to the app’s dedicated section for connecting devices. Simple. I found it to be really accurate too.

One other app I really loved using (before I injured my shoulder, running) was the Scientific 7-Minute workout app. I never knew I could do such a short circuit of exercises and feel so tired afterwards. After the first session, my muscles were so stiff and sore, and I was out of breath. After a few days I got a little more used to it, but it was definitely doing something. The user interface is so simple, and the images make it incredibly clear exactly what you should be doing.

Lastly, the Zensorium Tinké is a cute little device that plugs in to your iPhone’s 30-pin port (works with iPhone 5+Lightning adapter). Using a bespoke app it measures your resting heart rate as well as your breathing and oxygen levels. It’s not cheap at $119, but it does give you a good indication as to how healthy you are. Thankfully, after a week of exercising, my resting heart rate was a little lower and I was measuring pretty well.

Product & App Links:

Wahoo Blue HR – $69.99/£69 (Seen on Amazon UK for £42)

Tinké – $119

Scientific 7-Minute Workout – $0.99/£0.69

Calorie Counter by MyFitnessPal – Free

Runtastic Pro – $4.99/£2.99

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