“Introducing the iDroid” spoof imagines Tim Cook and Sergey Brin announcing an iPhone/Android crossover [video]

I came across the video above today and wasn’t too sure if it was supposed to be funny, or not. I guess that’s partly down to me being a prematurely grumpy old man, and the fact that it dares portray Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, in an unusually youthful and energetic light. To me, to get a spoof right, at least get someone who looks like they guy they’re pretending to be.

Regardless, it did get me thinking about what a combination device might look like.

Being an iPhone fan, I would only take a few of Android’s features to improve my iPhone. I couldn’t care less about widgets, or inefficient “real” multitasking. What I’d take would simply be a larger display, SwiftKey and the curved back from the HTC One.

I think slightly differently to whoever made the chart below. Although many of the points are valid, one that sticks out to me is regarding developers choosing Android over iOS. Simply looking at the quality of apps on iOS vs. Android, there’s really no competition, regardless of how many there are. I always opt for the old “quality over quantity” argument.

If you could take all the best hardware and software features from any iPhone or Android device and combine them, what would you take?



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  • mindoversoul

    I would start with Android, but take the new scheduled multi-tasking from iOS7 (depending how well it works).  I’d also like the iPhone’s storage options, a 64gb phone would be VERY nice.  I think that’s about it.   Customizability, app quality, design, inter-app communication, file management, ease of use…are all better on the Android platform.  As far as physical design, I’d like a cross between the iPhone 5 and HTC One’s build quality with the Nexus 4’s asthetics.