Google and Apple’s relationship improving says Eric Schmidt


Eric Schmidt, in an interview, stated that Apple and Google are in constant discussion and share “lots and lots” of meetings. The two have had a somewhat tense relationship ever since Android was released and Steve Jobs declared “thermonuclear war” on the company, stating that the platform was a stolen product. Thankfully, Tim Cook sees things a little different. In fact, he’s often stated his desire for healthy competition.

As reported by Reuters:

The relationship between Google Inc and Apple Inc has improved over the past year with the rival technology companies and sometimes partners conducting “lots and lots” of meetings, Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt said.

This would never happen if Steve Jobs was still around” is a phrase far too often used by many tech fans for the wrong purpose. But in this case, I’ll welcome any suggestion of such a thing. Since Tim Cook took over Apple is becoming a friendlier, more charitable, responsible and respectable company. And it’s perhaps the only reason that Google’s Eric Schmidt (former Apple board member) now says that the two companies are getting along better than they have in a long time. His style of business and negotiation is vastly different from his late, great predecessor.

While I’m sure this doesn’t mean the competition will cease, it simple means that the two companies can continue to crossover on certain aspects and services. After all, the iPhone would be an entirely different product if there was no Google search, YouTube, Maps, Chrome, Gmail app or Google Earth available.

Via: Reuters

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