iPhone 5 losing ground to Samsung thanks to S4

A research note published by Canaccord Genuity has revealed that in June the iPhone 5 was the top-selling smartphone at “essentially all global carriers”.

Despite this feat, it also found that the iPhone had been losing global market share to Samsung following the release of the Galaxy S4. Whilst it’s not clear just how much impact the S4 has made on the iPhone 5, it’s clear that the Korean giant is beginning to catch up.


That being said, it’s also very evident that the iPhone 5 is the most popular smartphone in the world. Based on that, Canaccord still estimates Apple’s 12-month price target at $530, with Apple currently sitting at $422.35.

With an iPhone release slated for the Fall, it’s very likely that this landscape will shift again, much like it always it does, in favor of Apple.


Via: Cnet

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  • DrewPage

    Yep, and iOS 7 will no doubt be the reason for the shift, more so than the new hardware.

  • DavidVoros

    Apple should be very worried the iPhone 5s is a very minor upgrade and provides no wow factor. That would make two years running without the W O W.

  • DrewPage

    @DavidVoros you gotta be kidding. The iPhone 5 was a huge wow in many ways.

  • ReshardSnellings

    Have you ever saw people lined up outside of any store on launch day to get any phone other than Apple? Yeah I didn’t think so.

  • korn74

    yes becuase the iPhone 5 was complete new hardware, where the 5S wont be @DrewPage

  • DavidVoros

    I guess you don’t watch the crowds gathering for the Samsung. Meanwhile people yawn over the iPhone.

  • MickeyMix

    @ReshardSnellings what happens is that people want the basics, and apple gives them that. Its either a Apple compared to  Fruit Salad when it comes to both.

  • nkathrein

    The lines for Apple products on launch are a lot shorter these days.