Foxconn begins shipping budget iPhone?

A Chinese tech blog claims that Foxconn has already begun shipping the new “budget” iPhone to Apple.

The piece claims that an inside source at Foxconn has said that the first budget iPhones have already shipped, for a fall released, according to the Wall Street Journal, a budget iPhone, or iPhone mini launch is slated for the second half of this year. We know very little about the cited blog, and the allusion to an “inside source” sounds even shadier. However, there has already been news of a budget iPhone, with WeiPhone seeing colored iPhone shells appearing on its forums. (More details to come later)

budget iPhone concept

If Apple indeed releases a budget iPhone, then the impact could be huge. For as long as the iPhone has existed, it has struggled to claim the same kind of market share as Android because there simply aren’t as many “budget” iPhone options available. Android powers devices catering to a swathe of different needs and budgets, whereas the iPhone, because of its more exclusive nature, simply isn’t a financially viable smartphone solution.

A budget iPhone could completely change that, and many users who found themselves at Android’s door, pushed away from the iPhone by its price, might just find that they can indeed get Apple’s iPhone experience at a much more affordable price.

What are your thoughts on a budget iPhone? Would it be successful? Or should Apple stick to making the best iPhone it possibly can regardless of price? Leave your comments below!


Via: App Advice

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