Foxconn begins massive hiring push, iPhone 5S production set to go full-scale?

iPhone 5S prototype

As sure as day follows night, a major push in hiring from Foxconn is followed by a popular new device. Normally, an Apple branded one. And with it being the middle of summer, it’s about time the manufacturing company got its troops ready for the next iPhone.

China Business News reports that Foxconn is currently running a massive hiring spree. The report also mentions the name ‘iPhone 6’ specifically. It’s worth noting however, that it’s unlikely to know which model of iPhone is being prepared for, and since we’re almost 100% sure the device will be an iPhone 5S, I would advise against taking it as a sign that Apple is working on a brand new design for the flagship device.

At the moment, Foxconn currently employs around 210,000 workers in its plants. Some way off the 300,000 strong troop from last year. This in itself signals that the company really needs to get its numbers up if it’s going to be ready to produce the next iPhone in the volume required by Apple, in the designated time frame.

What we’ve seen of the iPhone 5S so far shows little difference externally between it and the current iPhone 5. If leaks are anything to go by, there’s been some tidying up of the internal components, circuit boards and flexes. We’ve also seen some evidence that it will be playing host to an new-generation A7 chip, and a dual-LED flash. We’re expecting it to land sometime towards the end of September or beginning of October. If full-scale production is set to begin now, it gives Apple’s partners almost 3 months to get devices ready for initial release.

Although the iPhone 5S is also supposed to be the main device this year, many analysts and industry experts are looking towards the long-rumored budget model iPhone. The high-end smartphone market is saturated and offers little opportunity for real growth. And with low-end buyers and consumers from emerging markets in China, South America and India all opting for Samsung phones over Apple (due to price) having a low-cost option is seen as a must. It also (potentially) could kick start Apple’s growth and help it reach the levels of 2012.

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  • DavidVoros

    Apple would need to increase the size of the screen to at least a 4.8 – 5 inches.

  • This will be the best smart phone.