Figures show iOS users most loyal

Figures released by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners has shown that by a small margin, iOS users are the most loyal when it comes to switching (or not switching) operating systems.

Figures show that 78% of iOS users remained with iOS when they upgraded, in comparison, only 67% of Android users remained with Android. In terms of OS pull, iOS also proved more successful, pulling 27% of Android users to its operating system. In comparison, only 14% of iOS users upgraded to Android. Whilst the loyalty rate of both operating systems remains fairly solid, Blackberry continues to suffer, losing 34% of its users to Android, and 48% of its users to iOS.


In terms of recruiting first time and basic phone users, Android, with its wider range of more-affordable, budget friendly devices proved more successful, gathering 50% of basic phone users. In contrast only 39% went to iOS. It’s also interesting to see how Android’s distribution breaks down into its various manufacturers.screen-shot-2013-07-26-at-6-17-01-am

The figures show that Apple is enjoying slightly more success when it comes to keeping its customers on board, however in terms of overall growth, the figures also highlight Android’s success at capturing users entering the smartphone market for the first time.

Which iOS features keep you using iOS? Or, which features drove you away? Leave your comments below!


Via: GigaOM


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  • DrewPage

    I think I love iOS’s speed and choice of apps the most.  Its also very stable.  iOS 7 will be even better, and I can’t wait to give it a spin.