EE doubling 4G LTE speeds in the UK from tomorrow, July 4th


Just 10 months after launching 4G LTE for the first time in Britain, EE will be offering double the speed in a total of 12 cities from tomorrow, July 4. If you’re an EE customer and living in Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Derby, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Nottingham or Sheffield, your theoretical maximum speed will hit the heights of 150Mbps.

CEO, Olaf Swantee announced the launch and stated that these speeds will rival those of rival companies’ fibre broadband speeds, and bring the UK’s LTE speed in line with the fastest speeds available in Korea. It’s worth noting that just because the theoretical max is 150Mbps, it’s much more likely that you’ll get somewhere between 24-40Mbps. Which is still insanely fast.

As well as faster speeds, price plans are also changing. Plans will include higher data allowances, with a special offer available for customers who sign up this summer. EE shared plans will also be available from July 17th, as well as pay as you go mobile broadband. Shared 4GEE plans will offer the ability to add up to 5 devices to one plan regardless of whether you’re using an iPad, dongle or smartphone.

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  • DrewPage

    yep, speeds like that are nice, but with limited data plans, people will burn through those plans with lightning speed.  There are cities here in the U.S. that have those speeds on my carrier, AT&T.  I recently visited NYC, where I enjoyed LTE speeds, and at the end of the month I was very close to my 2GB limit.