EA earning more through App Store than Origin

Games publisher EA has revealed that Apple is now its biggest retail partner, following the results of the June Quarter.

The announcement is a true testament to the sheer scale of EA’s popularity on the App Store. According to figures EA turned over $90 million from mobile games, although it hasn’t been revealed how much of this came from the iOS App Store, EA’s Chief Operating Officer has revealed that this is more than EA earns from its Origin Service.


This points out the scale of EA’s mobile success because most of EA’s mobile titles, such as Need For Speed Most Wanted, Hot Pursuit and NBA Jam retail for a fraction of the price of its Origin titles such as Battlefield 3 and Fifa, which all retail at full console prices. More impressively, many of EA’s most popular titles, such as The Sims, The Simpsons Tapped Out and Real Racing, are actually free, a testament to the revenue-generating power of the freemium app model.

EA has continued to explore its mobile offerings, recently announcing Frostbite Go, a mobile version of its immense game engine responsible for the ultra-realistic physics and damage behind Battlefield Bad Company 2, Battlefield 3 and the Need for Speed series.


Via: Apple Insider

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