Developer Center is back online after hacking attempt

Apple Developer Center

As you probably know by now, Apple’s Developer Center has been offline for just over a week, and earlier this week the company itself confirmed that the Developer Center had been taken down due to a hacking attempt. While a security researcher claimed that he was responsible for the take-down of the site, Apple would not go into details, and just claimed that “an intruder attempted to secure personal information” from the developer’s website. Just yesterday, Apple launched a System Status page for the Developer Center, that would keep users updated on which systems had been relaunched on the Developer Center. Fortunately, the status page now shows that the Dev Center is officially back online!

After over a week of the system being down, developers finally have access to the iOS, Mac, and Safari Dev Centers. This means that Mac developers can now access the latest Developer Preview for OS X Mavericks. While not all systems have been restored, most major parts of Apple’s system has been relaunched including the three major developer centers.

It’s great to see that Apple has worked so diligently on getting the Developer Center back up and running. Now, for all of us running the iOS 7 beta, lets hope they launch Beta 4 on the Dev Center sooner rather than later!

Source: TechCrunch

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  • datDAMNmexican

    is this why beta 4 wasn’t released yet?

  • griffkoupal

    @datDAMNmexican It’s unlikely that this caused the delay. The Mac Dev Center was down too, but Apple still released the OS X Mavericks Developer Preview 4 update