China scalpers booking and reselling Genius Bar appointments

A Beijing Morning News report has revealed that Chinese scalpers have taken to booking all available Genius Bar appointments and then selling them online.

China’s Apple scalpers are best known for queuing and purchasing new release devices, and then selling them at markup prices, however this new development is a very creative, if rather questionable way to raise revenue. This method is actually more profitable because as you well know, Genius appointments are totally free. By simply using lots of different email addresses scalpers can book for themselves as many appointments as they wish ¬†before selling them. Appointments only sell for 10 yuan, which is less than $10.


One reporter found that absolutely no appointments were available for the iPod, iPhone or iPad. On contacting a local advertiser, the reporter was offered two time slots at a choice of two local stores. He was given login details over instant messenger, and was then able to change the details of the booking to his own details. One Twitter user in touch with 9to5 Mac reported that 2 out of 3 stores in Hong Kong never had an appointment available, mentioning that Apple was aware of the problem.

Whilst a little amusing, it’s totally unfair that scalpers are able to make money selling a free service, so hopefully, Apple will be able to address this problem soon now that it’s come to light.

Via: 9to5 Mac


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