AT&T hints at something big in teaser for July 16 event


AT&T is holding an event on July 16, and it wants everyone to know about it. The tagline of the teaser for the event is “Get ready for what’s next in wireless,” which could indicate a network upgrade – maybe even LTE-Advanced? The teaser also includes a handful of blurbs from notable publications praising the strength, speed, and breadth of AT&T’s network, so that that as you will.

My personal feelings about carrier events like this are mixed. It would definitely be great if AT&T announced some super cool lightning fast new network, but at the same time, us customers still have to wait for devices to be released that support the network. It’s kind of like getting to look at your Christmas presents in September and not opening them until December. And, seeing as I’m an iPhone user and Apple us usually last to incorporate new technology like this, the wait could be pretty substantial.

Either way, though, we’ll definitely keep you updated on whatever it is that AT&T wants us to be ready for come the 16th.


Via: Engadget

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  • Cj powers

    Maybe they are dropping contact also

  • AdrianAcevedo

    HD voice