Apple’s ‘Back To School’ campaign launched: $100/£70 App Store gift card with any Mac, $50/£30 with any iPad or iPhone

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As is customary this time of year, Apple has launched its summer ‘Back to School’ promotion. Anyone buying a Mac for college/university will get a free $100 App Store gift card in the U.S. or £70 in the UK. Free App Store credit is also available to anyone buying iPads or iPhones for education too, although at a lower rate. Students purchasing an iPad or iPhone will receive a $50 gift card in the States or £30 card in Britain. This 2013 promotional campaign will run from July 2nd (today) until September 6th.

Buyers purchasing from an Apple retail store, the Apple online educational store or an Apple authorized campus store will qualify for the special offer in a hole host of Western countries (not just the UK and U.S.) Check your national Apple retail store for details on what gift card is available to you. It is worth noting as well that any purchase through the educational store normally comes with a generous discount for students as well as the credit for use on iTunes/App Store.

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  • Huber

    It doesn’t include mac mini.