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Autocorrect Blacklist

I have a love/hate relationship with autocorrect. It has saved me from hundreds of typos since I got my iPhone 5 in September, but it’s also led to some weird texts. For example, I tried to type “hola” to a friend today, and it was changed to “hills”. Not surprisingly, my friend was very confused as to why I was texting him “hills” out of nowhere. Although autocorrect loves to change my spelling of certain words, there are apparently some words that Apple has chosen not to spell check.

Try typing “abortion” into your iDevice, but misspell it. Maybe type “abortiom” instead. Odds are your device won’t correct it, but will underline it in red, noting that it isn’t a word. This is just one of the many blacklisted words from Apple’s autocorrect. The Daily Beast has reported that “Our analysis found over 14,000 words that are recognized as words when spelled accurately, but that won’t be corrected even when they are only slightly misspelled.” Some of the more common words on the list include: “abortion,” “abort,” “rape,” “bullet,” “ammo,” “drunken,” “drunkard,” “abduct,” “arouse,” “Aryan,” “murder,” and “virginity.”

All of these were tested using iOS 6, but I tested some on my own iPhone using iOS 7, and Apple hasn’t changed its autocorrect for the newest operating system. The words will still not be spelled automatically, even though they are only one letter off. It is also interesting that older versions of iOS (iPhone OS 3.1.3) did used to correct words such as “abortion,” but Apple seems to have censored some words from its spell checker.

Have you tested out any of these words? Are you surprised that Apple has removed certain words from autocorrect? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think!

Source: The Daily Beast

Via: CultofMac

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  • jabombardier

    What is apple afraid of?

  • kylem12

    @jabombardier Seriously! They could be being used in any sort of context… Doesn’t mean you want to have this spelled wrong though