Apple to return to Samsung chips in 2015?

A report from the Korea Economic Daily is suggesting that Apple will return to a partnership with Samsung for its A9 chips in 2015.

The news comes contrary to several developments in the Apple/Samsung relationship that suggests Apple is seeking to minimize its dependence on Samsung. TSMC is thought to be supplying Apple’s A8 chips for 2014.


According to KEC, Samsung will supply 14 nanometre A9 chips to be used in “Apple’s iPhone 7”, having lost out on the contract to TSMC. The news is purported to have come from industry sources, claiming that Apple and Samsung signed the agreement yesterday, on July 14. The chips will be based around Samsung’s FinFET technology.

Take the “iPhone 7” postulation with a pinch of salt, but be aware that such a deal between the two giants isn’t the most outlandish of possibilities.

The news would seem to suggest that Apple is planning to continue its A line series of chips in its next iDevices.


Via: The Korea Economic Daily

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