Apple to release two versions of an “iPhone Lite” [Rumor]

Lies Leaked documents discovered by Phone Arena are suggesting that Apple plans to release two versions of a purported “iPhone Lite”.

Both phones will feature 4-inch displays, but feature different interal specifications. The first, nicknamed “Zenvo” is a more affordable option with a H5P dual-core processor, 1 GB of RAM, 4G connectivity and Bluetooth 4. The second phone, nicknamed “Zagato/Bertone” will feature a more powerful processor.

Alongside this rumor is a whole host of pictures documenting schematics, as well as more leaked backplates. Whilst the backplates seem to line up with what else we’ve been getting out of Asia this past week, the rest of this leak just doesn’t seem to add up.

As far as rumors go, I think you can safely file this under the “nonsense” category.


Via: Phone Arena

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