Apple to offer big printer savings in summer retail rollout

Some literature obtained by 9to5 Mac suggests that Apple is planning a big refresh of it’s retail paraphernalia, including posters, layouts and accessories.

Apple’s retail stores have already been shuffled around a little bit to incorporate its recent Back to school offers. This new initiative is focused around a promotion of 3rd part printers. One image depicts up to $50 savings on selected HP printers. An email obtained also states that many retail stores have received much of their printer promotion material early, with specific instructions not to update their stores until the start of business on July 9, which is tomorrow. The promotion will run until September 6 2013.


Whilst printers still play a massive role in our collective computing experience, I can’t imagine they’ll be around for too much longer. For one, printing at the rate we do isn’t particularly sustainable for the environment. Also, it’s becoming much easier to simply keep all of our documents digital. That being said, right now printers are still a must have for most users, and so its good to see that Apple customers will be available to make some pretty nice savings on their printers in time for the new academic year.


Via: 9to5 Mac

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  • DrewPage

    Yes, and right at a time when people are printing much less and using electronic versions of what they used to print (likely on their smartphone or tablet).   Thanks Apple?